Kickstart a Skate Camp for Girls With This Jewelry Made From Recycled Skateboards

June 30, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Some girls just wanna shred. Artist Megan Carli understands this. She’s the founder of Wearskate Jewelry, and she makes jewelry out of recycled skateboard parts. She’s using her jewelry as rewards to help fund another project, a weeklong skateboarding camp for girls ages six to 11.

“By giving to this Kickstarter you are supporting women in the arts, in sports, and in teaching and aiding in the creation of a positive athletic community for young girls,” Carli writes, which is a tough proposition to turn down, right?

Carli is working with Girls Riders Organization (GRO) and Homage Skateboards to secure skateboards, safety gear, and a week of skateboarding instruction for the camp’s attendees. She’s nearing her goal of $6,000, with fundraising ongoing until July 9. Rewards are all Wearskate Jewelry pieces, chunky wooden rings and bracelets.

Hopefully, by having skateboarding demystified at an early age, girls will be less inclined to fall for this shit when they grow up.