OWS Pepper Spray Victims Settle With City for $330,000

July 7, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Kaylee Dedrick — one of the protestors egregiously pepper sprayed by Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna during a 2011 demonstration — has settled with the city for $55,000, her attorney Ronald Kuby told AMNY on Monday.

Dedrick was standing behind a barricade when Tony Baloney walked up and doused her and her fellow protestors with pepper spray. She can be seen in video of the incident kneeling on the ground and crying in pain. But according to Kuby, moments after she was sprayed, a medic came over to help her. That medic, Rob Grodt, eventually became her husband, with whom she has a two-year-old daughter.

“He looked into her watering, bleary red eyes and she looked into his beautiful brown ones,” Kuby rhapsodized to AMNY. “And before you knew it, there was a little Occubaby.”

Dedrick is one of six protestors involved in the settlement. The city has had to pay the six protestors a total of $333,000 for Tony Baloney’s misconduct. Officer Lunchmeat was never prosecuted for his protest-suppression action, which he had a long history of even before Occupy Wall Street made him famous.

ANIMAL contacted Dedrick for comment, and will update if she responds.

(Image: Jim Kiernan)