That Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper Looks Nothing Like Beyoncé

July 7, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

By now, you have probably read about the Melbourne skyscraper inspired by Beyoncé. Mimicking the singer in her music video for “Ghost,” the 68-story Premiere Tower is tall and curvaceous. But you know what else that building looks like? A rocket, a snake gestating prey, and literally any and every other curvy building in a major city.

I assume the association does little for Beyonce, but does quite a bit for the profile of studio Elenberg Fraser, which designed the project. “While the Beyoncé reference seems like a cheesy ploy for press—it is—the design of the skyscraper itself is pretty impressive,” writes Gizmodo, giving the studio the benefit of the doubt. “The twisting form was developed using parametric modeling, a computer-aided process that uses algorithms to produce optimized and often unusual shapes based on specific design parameters.”

Okay fine. But if Elenberg Fraser is open to suggestions, there are a few ways they could truly pay homage to Queen Bey: install a scrolling LED display that plays Beyonce music videos 24/7; emboss the word “FEMINIST” along the side of the tower; or, at the very least, name the damn thing after her.