Shepard Fairey Arrested In LA Because of Felony Warrants In Detroit

July 9, 2015 | Bucky Turco

According to published reports, renowned street artist Shepard Fairey was arrested at LAX airport for illegal artwork he put up in Detroit. He was reportedly returning from Europe on what must have been a very long flight, when he was flagged as he went through customs. He was held overnight and then released after authorities in Motor City refused to extradite him back to Michigan, because apparently even they know how wasteful it is to process him for such a bullshit crime.

In June, felony warrants were issued for his arrest. Wayne County prosecutors claim he caused over $9,000 in damage — an inflated number — for allegedly putting up wheat-pasted work on several buildings without permission during a whirlwind stay there that included a massive legally commissioned piece. He was charged with several counts of malicious destruction of property, which is silly, since he didn’t damage any property. If anything, he increased its worth.

(Photo: Obey Giant)