High Powered Graffiti Tags Unleashed In ‘Anime Blackbook’

July 22, 2015 | Bucky Turco

For his latest project, graffiti instructor and exceptional artist SABE KST collected tags from scores of highly respected graffiti bombers and animated them over vintage anime backgrounds used for TV and film. The result is a high energy burst of history and handstyles from the likes of JOZ (RIP) EASY, VEEFER, CES, SKUF, RIME, VIZIE, NEKST (RIP), WANE, JEST, SACER (RIP), ARK, NOV, SYE5, PIXOTE, SABIO, KADISM, RASAD, END, AMUSE126, SEGE, HOUND, KORN (RIP), DCEVE, SNOEMAN, CINIK, FAUST, YEAR, REHAB, AKS, REMO, NEMZ, FORES, SHAUN, GUESS, REAS, ESPO, KAWS, LEWY, ADEK, MALVO, KATSU, DAYS, GUNS, OPTIMIST, RESQ, BEGR, PEAR, ZOMBRA, PHAT2, UDON, NUNO, FANTA, TOM246, WANTO, QP, SECT, VERY and of course SABE.

Here’s how SABE describes the video piece:

The Anime Blackbook film is a graffiti animation based on Mecha Anime from the 80s and 90s,” said SABE Produced by SABE KST with animation direction by Celia Bulwinkel. Hand painted backgrounds from anime TV series and films were used for the film. It starts with some of New York’s pioneers and veterans of street bombing graffiti, drifting across the east coast and along the west coast and spanning into other cities of the world. The soundtrack is by Trouble Andrew/Gucci Ghost.

We also asked him a few questions about stuff…

Why did you do this project?
The film was an answer to seeing graffiti on canvas, stencil and train
maps. It was a challenge.

How long did it take to get all the writers?
About a year.

Where are these anime cells from?
They are all from Japanese Anime Production studios and were purchased online.

Is there anything unique about this group of writers?
Other than than the Philly wicked styles, each writer brings their own unique flow

What’s the weirdest thought you had in the past week?
I work on a four hour sleep schedule on hibiscus iced tea. It adds to having thoughts outside the box.

Who’s the best Republican candidate for president right now?
The country is run by Corporations.I would say Amazon.