November 9, 2022 | Bucky Turco

The art and marketing collective known as MSCHF opened an exhibit of new work at the Perrotin Gallery on the Lower East Side called “No More Tears, I’m Lovin’ It.”

“Spot’s Revenge”
According to MSCHF, @bostondynamicsofficial deactivated their Spot robo-dog using an “undisclosed backdoor,” after the collective armed it with a paintball gun, put in a gallery, and allowed individuals to shoot and control the canine remotely online. So, they created a new use for the defunct $75k unit: “MSCHF memorialized this robotic corpse with as many guns as it could possibly fit-a portent of robots to come.”

It’s a machine is outfitted with a mic and will write out what it overhears via a Sharpie attached to its writing arm.”

“Severed Spots”
MSCHF took a Damian Hirst print worth about $40k, cut it up into 108 individual spots, numbered them, and are selling the limited edition mini-prints for $4400 each or $475,200 for the whole set, with a readymade frame to hold the entire collection.

As part of their special gun buyback program, MSCHF invited the public to send in guns so they could be melted down and turned into swords. Engravings on each blade detail its donor origins. Note: this is an ongoing series, contact them.

“iPhone Celebrity Edition”
The wall of iPhone 7’s contain phone numbers from a motley of celebrities, but you need to guess the passcode to unlock the ability to prank Jared Leto, Grimes and others.

“Wavy Shoes”
Earlier this year, MSCHF made an abstract sneaker design based off of a Vans skate shoe. The company sued the collective and the case is reportedly working its way through the “U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.” So, for this exhibit, MSCHF upped the ante and potential for litigious activity, by introducing “six classic shoe silhouettes from other major sneaker companies.”

“Drink Me”
What looks like a freezer packed with LSD-laced seltzer, is actually a freezer packed with 1P-LSD-laced seltzer. It’s a legal “analogue” of the mind-bending original and only about 38% as potent, according to science. As noted by the gallery guide, LSD is categorized as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, making it very illegal, whereas its slightly weaker clone, 1P-LSD has no restrictions and be used a “research chemical.” Or as art!