There’s No Link Between Hallucinogen Use and Mental Problems, Study Says

08.21.13 Marina Galperina

Have you done LSD, psilocybin or mescaline? You are no more likely to exhibit symptoms of mental illness or find yourself in mental health treatment, says a new study from Norway. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine psychiatry department psychologist Matthew W. Johnson says,

There seems to be no evidence of overall negative impact — and even some hints of benefit — associated with the use of psychedelics.

Psilocybin relieves anxiety in cancer patients and LSD can treat alcoholism symptoms… in a controlled environment. 1 in 76 Americans age 21-64 have tried psychedelics, according to NPR, and they are hereby excused.

But please don’t go dropping a mountain of acid, please. Dosage and prior history of mental illness — extremely important, unpredictable factors — have not been taken into account in this study.

And dosage is important. Dosage determines the difference between this lovely LSD trip…

…and this not so lovely LSD trip.