Brooke Candy Is the Marina Abramović of Sexually Aggressive Cybergoth Rappers

January 3, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Even when she’s not slithering around naked covered in glitter, I’ve been transfixed with this creature ever since she took the world “slut” back or something like that. Here she is again — friend of Grimes from the desert, Brooke Candy — with her new banger “Everybody Does” directed by Renata Raksha, who’s actually awesome and actually, she works with Actually Huizenga. 

This features video tiny iguanas having an orgy on Brooke Candy’s braids and — I’m calling it! —  a Marina Abramović hommage.

“Banging models in the back. Thas what everybody does.” Thank you, that is very encouraging. Commence with “shitting on trolls” and “leaving stitches” on “basic bitches” and giving kudos to Andy Warhol while “on mushrooms like Mario” teaching “a master class on role play.” That is so internet. She is “ahead of [her] time” because she is from the FUCKING FUTURE.

Except for that auto-tune. Oh no. That is not next level.