Gaspar Noé’s New Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Video Isn’t Gaspar Noé Enough

January 7, 2013 | Marina Galperina

And it sounded so hot. Filmmaker/mind-fucker Gaspar Noé has just directed a music video for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ much-anticipated, confusingly Ke$ha-like titled “We No Who U R” single off their upcoming “Push the Sky Away” album and it sounded so hot!!! 

Were you expecting seizing neon titles and DMT-hued Paz De La Huerta? Sorry you didn’t get exactly what you want to expect from Noé. Here’s a shadow moping through a forest. And then, the shadow continuing to mope through a forest.

Don’t be jealous that some French dance DJ got this unsettling Lolita madness and Nick Cave — the Nick Cave — got a shadow moping in a forest. It’s a mood piece. The mood is mope.

Ahh. If they were just doing it to throw names together and mess around, they should have gone with Leos Carax. Leos Carax has cat.