Tom Waits Art Photo Book Will Be
So Special

January 16, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Tom Waits, your favorite inimitable creaky crooner, is publishing a very special, very exclusive, very limited-edition collaborative book with photographer/singer Anton Corbijn, dubbed “Waits/Corbijn.”

Only 6,600 copies will be available on May 8th. The Waits/Corbijn will feature 30 years of Tom Waits being very Tom Waits, spanning 272 pages of Corbijn portraits. Also, there’ll be Waits’ own, rarely collected “curiosities” and original photos. I’m guessing… lots of oil stains. Some oil stains that look like like little men with little old hats on them. Perhaps.

Sounds FANtastic. Waits loves Corbijn:

I love working with Anton, he’s someone with a real point of view. Believe me, I won’t go jumping off rocks wearing only a Dracula cape for just anyone.

Also, it will cost $216.


Charge, but don’t change, never ever change, Tom Waits.