Here’s the Interactive Site That Will Make You an HTML5 Devotee

January 18, 2013 | Andy Cush

HTML5, the language that’s helped usher in the web’s current incarnation–with its infinite scrolling, emphasis on interactivity, and beautiful custom page layouts–is still a relatively new technology. It’s already spawned some classics (and might I humbly submit this for consideration?), but by and large, its full potential has yet to be seen.

Designer and developer Jongmin Kim has taken it upon himself to explore the language’s bleeding edge with his Form Follows Function web project, which demonstrates and expands HTML5’s most aesthetically interesting capabilities. There’s “Raining Men” a Magritte-nodding storm of silhouettes with umbrellas, “Plant Trees,” a minimal fractal generator, the multicolored soup cans above, and “Universe Panorama,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Though Form Follows Function is a more-than-apt demonstration of HTML5’s capabilities, Kim says the project is more about artful design than any particular language. “I think the technology (whether Flash or HTML5) is not so important, though,” he said. “Technology always changes so fast; the important thing is design and interaction.”