RiFF RAFF Approves of James Franco’s Spring Breakers Performance

January 18, 2013 | Andy Cush

Perhaps the strangest thing about Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine’s very strange latest project, is that RiFF RAFF was reportedly asked to play the James Franco role. While the Houston rapper never actually made it into the film, Franco’s character was clearly heavily based on the man and his signature style.

After the trailer dropped yesterday, MTV Hive smartly asked RiFF RAFF what he thought of Franco’s performance:

“Although there is only one Riff Raff, James Franco did his thing,” texted the rapper while in New York ahead of a show tonight. He added, “James Franco has diligently studied my style for months on end and he should win a Grammy.”

“My close friend Harmony Korine is an innovative genius,” Riff Raff continued, explaining that the director “… knows how to put puzzle pieces together to make a movie have a certain original and eerie vibe rather than a simple storyline.” Then after asserting that he has “complete consent” over the flick, he teased that Spring Breakers 2 is already being plotted and that he’s ear-marked himself for an acting role in the sequel.