Inside the Sandy-Ravaged South Ferry Station

January 18, 2013 | Andy Cush

Benjamin Kabak of the transit blog Second Avenue Sagas was recently given a media tour of Lower Manhattan’s South Ferry Station, which suffered incredible damage during Hurricane Sandy and is likely to take up to three years and $600 million to repair. What he found–documented in the photos above–looks more like a station that’s been abandoned for a decade than one that was fully functioning just months ago.

From Kabak:

While the station looks bad, the cosmetic impact is nothing compared to the destruction to key signal systems and train control infrastructure. All of the equipment inside the signal relay room will have to be replaced, and in fact, the entire signal system south of Rector St. will likely have to be completely overhauled as well. Vital infrastructure — the very systems that keep trains from colliding with each other and on the right tracks — is useless, corroded from saltwater exposure.

More photos at Second Avenue Sagas.

(Photos: Benjamin Kabak/Flickr)