Picasso Vandal Continues to Disappoint

January 18, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Once again, Uriel Landeros continues to sully the artistic tradition of attacking famous art works. Unlike the canonized Malevich taggers and blood X-ers before him, not only does the man stenciled of a bullfighter on Picasso’s Woman in a Red Armchair at the Menil museum in Houston lack cohesive motive and style, he just makes no sense altogether.

He also says that he didn’t intend to harm the painting, that is was “an act of social and political defiance.” The second part? Alright! The part about how he didn’t intent to harm the painting when he, you know, clearly did? Also, this video. A little circular and tenuous, nah?

Landeros, 22, was recently apprehended by the US Marshals at the Mexican border. Charged with graffiti and criminal mischief felonies, he is remaining in custody on $500,000 bonds and is considered a flight risk. He is facing two to 10 years in prison.

One of the Yellowist involved in the recent high-profile destructive museum intervention was convicted to serve two years in prison for tagging a Rothko, but damn did they have a better story to go with it.