Here’s a Worldwide Map of Hundreds of Private Security Camera Feeds

January 22, 2013 | Andy Cush

When 4chan exposed flaws in certain TRENDnet security systems that allowed hackers to snoop on private camera feeds last year, the whole process felt too wonky to be exploited by your average IRL citizen–unless your neighbor was a /b/tard or redditor, he probably wouldn’t be spying on you.

A year later, TRENDnet has issued a firmware update that solved the privacy issue, but hundreds of feeds are still un-updated and publicly accessible. And to make your creepin’ even more convenient, some anonymous developers created this worldwide map plotting the exact locations of compromised cameras, with one-click access to view the cams’ feeds. Right now, I’m looking at a cute puppy on Long Island, a frighteningly darkened room in the Bronx, and a weird urinal thing in Moscow. There are dozens and dozens more.

Reassuringly, whoever created the map did so in the name of awareness-raising and privacy, not surveillance–at the top of the map is a prominent link urging people to update their firmware and keep their feed private.