Disney’s Cryogenically Frozen Corpse Is Going to Hate This Movie

January 22, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Escape from Tomorrow, which premiered at Sundance on Friday, is a dark, surrealistic fantasy-horror that has already scored director Randy Moore comparisons to post-modern film master David Lynch. It’s about the psychological breakdown that a man on vacation experiences after abruptly losing his job, and the subsequent unraveling of his life and loss of his family. It is sure to leave an unsettling impression on the viewer, with its gritty, black-and-white depictions of pedophilic fantasies, dark hallucinations, and ultimate bloody death. What hellish location did Mr. Moore, whose budget was under $1 million, choose for the set of his “genre-defying” tale of demise? None other than “The Happiest Place on Earth:” Disneyworld, USA!

As if the concept weren’t enticing enough in itself, it’s also pretty cool how gutsy first-time director Moore managed to shoot the whole film in the theme park without getting legal permission from Disney. Being that the film features “lascivious Disney princesses” and “a creepy obese guy on a scooter,” and dubs the Epcot Center “The Giant Testicle,” it’s somewhat foreseeable that Disney might not let this slide without a fight.

In the words of the inevitable cult classic’s sales agent: “Bring it on.”