Lil B and Joey Bada$$ Are Officially Beefing, for Some Reason

January 31, 2013 | Andy Cush

Earlier this week, Lil B released a very #rare diss track, taking belated “shots” at NYC rapper Joey Bada$$ for an offhanded, innocuous line his late crew member Capital STEEZ tossed out months ago. B’s track kept things relatively light and impersonal–it almost seems like he was just looking for an excuse to call a song “I’m the Bada$$.”

Now Bada$$ is hitting back with “Don’t Quit Ya Day Job!” but it doesn’t seem like he’s taking the feud too seriously, either. The track ends with a long string of shoutouts to various Bay Area artists, including the Based God himself. Check out both tracks below.

In other news, the cover art to B’s forthcoming mixtape, Pink Flame, is fucking amazing.