Party (and Eat) Like It’s 1913 at Grand Central’s Centennial Bash

January 31, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Tomorrow is Grand Central Station’s 100th birthday, so put on your largest Edwardian feather hat and prepare to party like it’s 1913… and eat. A LOT.

As part of the celebration, vendors will be offering a slew of stuff for century-old prices. Seriously. Nickel pounds of pasta, gelato for a dime a scoop, fudge for a quarter, and even 75-cent cocktails.

Here’s your cheap-o eat-o menu via the Gothamist:

*Only available February 1, 2013
• 19¢ ea. shrimp, 13¢ ea. mussels, 13¢ ea. clams at Pescatore
• 10¢ for a side of french fries at Tri Tip Grill *From 11am-3pm
• 5¢ small drip hot coffee at Financier Patisserie *Starting at 12 pm. Limit one per customer
• 10¢ shoe shine at Leather Spa
• 10¢ nylon watch straps from Central Watch *Limited to first 500 customers. Limit one per customer
• 25¢ piece of Legendary Fudge at Li-Lac Chocolates *Limit one per customer
• 19¢ slice of cheesecake at the Oyster Bar & Restaurant *Dine-in only
• 10¢ for bambini scoop of gelato or sorbet at Ciao Bella
• $2 for 100% silk scarves (unisex) at TOTO
• 6¢ loaf of rye bread at Zaro’s Bakery * Shuttle Passage and Grand Central Market locations only. Limit one per customer
• 75¢ Adirondack cocktail at Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C.
• 5¢ 1lb box of pasta with purchase of a Ceriello Sauce at Ceriello Fine Foods *until 4pm

Who wants stock up on a year’s worth of clams and mussels? Shall I bring a bucket? So many questions… Find out more at the Grand Central’s website.

(Photo: Flickr)