Watch the Trailer For Women Aren’t Funny

January 31, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

The fact that the late Patrice O’Neal starts out this 30-second trailer for Women Aren’t Funny by emphatically saying that they aren’t should be all you need. Also seen in the half-minute preview: Artie Lange, Colin Quinn, Chelsea Peretti, Colin Quinn, Dane Cook and more.

Bonnie McFarlane, the woman directing Women Aren’t Funny, interviewed comedian Eddie Brill, who was the catalyst for the film after he left his job at Late Show with Dave Letterman for being shunned after saying that women aren’t funny. McFarlane and Brill are good friends, and according to McFarlane, he absolutely finds women funny.

Eddie Brill was in our movie and I can honestly say that during the 40 minutes of raw footage he states over and over again that he thinks women are funny and perhaps even funnier than men. Of course, for the movie, we took this footage and rearranged it to make him look like a misogynistic asshole.

So, this should be fun. Women Aren’t Funny will be screening at the Athena Film Festival on February 9 at the Diana Center, for anyone interested in more than 30 seconds of argument about comediennes. Let’s just hope there’s more… um… funny.