Building a Mobile Garbage Lab for Art and Science

February 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

This group of Philadelphia-based artists and scientists is fascinated by the stuff you throw away. So fascinated, in fact, that they’ve spent the past 15 months collecting, photographing, recording, and analyzing garbage, compiling their findings into a Taxonomy of Trash website and book.

Now, the artist, photographer, biologist, and sound engineer are taking to Kickstarter to fund their next round of investigation–which include some garbage collection in Wilmington, DE, an exhibit at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, and a pedal-powered mobile garbage lab that lets them research rubbish on the fly.

“Our goal is to continue our research in other cities collecting as much information about garbage as possible,” writes trash taxonomist Tim Eads. “We think there’s a lot of discarded objects that deserve to be seen. We strive to find beauty in the simplest of things. At the end of the day we offer our findings for you to engage and participate.”