Fart on a Person’s Cake for $50

February 1, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

If you need some fast cash, why not reply to this Craigslist post from East Village looking for someone to fart on a cake? OK, it might sound weird, but it’s for a friend’s birthday party. Nope. Still sounds weird.

From the listing:

I know this sounds bizarre, but I need someone (preferably female) to come to my friend’s birthday and sit on his cake and fart on it. It will be in a public place and will not be a dangerous situation. Just for jokes.

Fifty bucks, just like that! And it’s in a public place, which apparently is supposed to put potential cake-farting candidates at ease, but that’s even worse. Bystanders will possibly watch you fart on a cake.

Or, they could just consult this nice lady. (Link is totally NSFW.)

(Photo: Bored_Grrl/Flickr)