DUMBO Art Gallery Features Carpet Made With Two Tons of Sugar

February 4, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

SmackMellon — one of the venues hit hardes by Hurricane Sandy — is back! The DUMBO art gallery features a new installation by artist Aude Moreau who created a Persian carpet covered in intricate, floral designs made from sugar. Two tons of sugar. Behold, Sugar Carpet.

There’s nothing stopping visitors from messing up the hard work with their grubby fingers, so the gallery and artist is kindly asking that you don’t do that. The big question is how did Moreau create the inner design without ruining the flawless white center? This must have taken a lot of patience.

“Sugar Carpet,” Aude Moreau, Jan 12 – Feb 24, SmackMellon, Brooklyn (Photo: SmackMellon and Hyperallergic)