Riot: Another Terrifying Way to Get Spied On

February 11, 2013 | Andy Cush

Riot, a recently-revealed surveillance software package from security firm Raytheon, allows anyone to collect your personal information across all social networks, then analyze it to deduce some frighteningly personal facts about you: where you like to hang out, who your closest friends are, what you look like–that sort of thing.

The Guardian obtained footage from 2010 of Riot being demonstrated, which shows just how easy it is to learn enough to stalk a person. The good news: as long as you keep a tight lock on your privacy settings, there’s not much the software can do to track you, as it can theoretically only get access to whatever’s available publicly. Raytheon says it hasn’t sold Riot to any federal or state authorities, but it’s easy to imagine police departments picking it up to track suspects down.

(Image: The Guardian)