Last Night’s Port Authority Bomb Scare Was Due To Some “Grenades”

February 12, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Around 9PM ast night, a bomb squad responded to a suspicious package report on 9th Avenue and West 40th Street, prompting the Port Authority to evacuate for about 45 minutes. It turns out that all this commotion was caused by some fake grenades, which just creates more questions.

Whose grenades are these? Why would anyone have replica grenades? Did you know that inert grenades cost a lot of money? How do you forget a bunch of grenades somewhere? And if this was intentional, it’s not a quick and dirty hoax to pull off. With the cheapest grenades at $18 each, that’s still expensive. The reports say “grenades,” not just a single one. Anyway, if mildly inconveniencing people for less than an hour with fake bombs was indeed a planned-out crime, the person responsible should be arrested for having low ambitions and… littering.

(Photo: Via Tsuji/Flickr)