New Taxidermy Reality Show To Star Coney Island’s Sea Rabbit Guy

February 12, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

On Thursday, AMC will unveil its newest reality series, Immortalized. It’s a show about about taxidermy and the first episode will star local Brooklyn hero, Takeshi Yamada.

We first encountered Dr. Yamada this past summer while filming the Coney Island edition of ANIMAL’s neighborhood spotlight series, “What Are You Doing Tonight?”. The dapperly dressed gentleman gave us a very enlightening beachside lesson in local history, with the help of his trusty stuffed sea rabbit, Seara.

But now the whole (cable-watching?) world will now be able to enjoy the bizarre antics of Takeshi Yamada, which will apparently include stuffed works that incorporate bits of his own body and elephant-sized masterpieces that had to be painstakingly rescued from the havoc of Hurricane Sandy.

ANIMAL’s What Are You Doing Tonight? Coney Island

Photo: Museum of World Wonders, Flickr