You Too Can Have a Flying Ted Nugent-Killing Machine With Mr. Drones

February 12, 2013 | Andy Cush

What would you pay for your very own custom drone, for all you surveillance and/or murderous needs? Thanks to Mr. Drones, a new project from Drones of New York artist Rajeev Basu, you can have an (imaginary) UAV for the low, low price of $24,999!

To highlight the fact that drones will be cleared for commercial use in 2015 (as a formerly anonymous artist once warned), Basu created a fictional site in which you can order a bespoke drone to spec, with personalized artwork, express shipping, and a money-back guarantee. “It was a creative exploration on the future of drones, and resulted in a piece which is kind of a drones meets NikeID meets the Onion.” Basu told ANIMAL. “It’s meant to get people thinking about the reality that they’ll soon be over our own skies.”

To commemorate tonight’s State of the Union address, we created a drone emblazoned with the visual iconography of noted drone enthusiast Barack Obama. It’s well-suited to hunt down our old friend Ted Nugent, who is Texas Rep. Steve Stockman’s SOTU guest of honor and has made veiled threats against the president. We’ve outfitted the imaginary drone with imaginary pants-shitting draft-dodger detectors, a meat-sniffing sensor, and statutory rapist radar. Coming soon: Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump eradication models.

(Image: Nate Cepis/ANIMALNewYork)