Photographer Pays Doppelgänger Homages to His Kickstarter Backers

February 18, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

Photographer Cheyne Gallarde took to Kickstarter last year with a unique way to raise hype and funds for his Universe of One self-portrait series. The project was designed to be a book in which he’d take on the likenesses of a large cast of characters from a variety of backgrounds and genders — an idea derived from the work of Cindy Sherman, who happens to adore her own impersonators. As a bonus for his backers who chipped in $25 or more, Gallarde promised their very own portrait homage. His campaign was funded twice-over its goal by 55 backers.

Gallarde is now completing his side-project called Twinsies and posting the results to an online album. The source imagery appears to be pulled mostly from online avatars and selfies. The re-portraits are not quite as perfect as this remarkable shot-by-shot recreation, but they are amusing, and somewhat mocking as mimetic things go, so they may not be as flattering as his patrons might have expected.