Google’s Accidental Poetics

February 18, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

He said that
He said to be cool but
He said that the atom resembles a tiny rock
He said take care

This anaphoric literary gem was not penned by a tormented soul infatuated with an eloquent chemist with commitment issues. It was created by algorithms and Google autocomplete. It’s just one of hundreds of such “poems” shared (via screenshot) on Google Poetics, a Tumblr blog from Sampsa Nuotio and Raisa Omaheimo of Finland, made from song lyrics, grammatically incorrect statements, bizarre existential inquiries, and other frequently googled phrases.

The poems are fascinating not only because of their absurd juxtapositions, but because they literally represent the collective conscience of today’s internet society. This, considering such common inquiries as “Does the pope shit in the woods,” is simultaneously beautiful and hilarious. And that, dear friends, is art.