Spanish Church Commissions Graffiti Writers to Paint Its Dome

February 19, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

The Santa Eulalia — an austere, barren-walled, neo-Romanesque church located outside Barcelona — recently had its main dome re-done. Father Ramon Borr commissioned graffiti writers RUDI and HOUSE to add some color and novelty, an idea that came to him last year “surfing the web,” he explains to Gerry Hadden.

Even though the press is scandalized by graffiti artists… for me graffiti is just another artistic technique… [But] I told them they couldn’t start until they visited a museum in Barcelona to study the Romanesque style I was interested in. So they went, and studied, even took out some books.

The resulting frescos in spray-paint are modern, clean, and mostly gesture-free, a decent departure from the artists’ usual styles — but still isn’t exactly what you’d normally find in a church. Anything to fill the seats, huh?

(Lead Photo: ABC.es)