Condom Vending Machines: Coming To a Taxi Near You

February 22, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Start-up TaxiTreats has a nifty scheme: by this summer, select NYC taxis will be equipped with “Vengo” — the vending machine that sells everything from gum to lotions to… condoms. The proposed machines will accept credit cards and will operate via touch screen. Er, don’t worry, Vengo will also offer hand sanitizer.

While the company has yet to receive official approval from the New York City Taxi & Limosine Commission, after winning a $17,500 grant from the NYC Economic Development Corporation last year and recently raising $1 million, it seems they are well on their way to fruition.

Between condom vending machines and alleged plans to add 10 inches of legroom to each taxi, those late-night cab rides with special new “friends” may never be the same. What’s next? Privacy curtains? Scented candles? Furry leopard print vibrating seats? Ooh baby.

(Image: Trevon Haywood, Flickr. Photoshop: Julia Dawidowicz)