Bamboo Scroll-Inspired Zen Neuron Art

February 25, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Philadelphia neuroscientist-turned-artist Greg Dunn brings us these elegant metallic prints of neurons, done entirely from memory (kind of meta, no?). After earning his Ph.D., Dunn was fed up with the strict adherence to fact that dictated his grad school experience, so he decided to channel his passion for neuroanatomy towards something more creatively flexible. Inspired by microscopic neurons, which often reminded him of Asian bamboo scroll imagery, he developed his own style of zen neuron art. Rather than use traditional brush strokes, he opts for methods like “blowing drops of ink across a surface,” a process which he claims mimics the naturally-propelled branching out of neurons themselves. Some of his works (like Cerebellar Lobe, above) are more accurately representative of neural structures than others, but all are quite stunning.