New Beach House Video Starring Laura Palmer’s Dad

March 7, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

This isn’t what one might expect from the teen-gaze aesthetic of Beach House’s usual videos, especially following the recent release of their gorgeous, ethereal short film Forever Still, but… holy shit.

Seemingly resulting from a miraculous alignment of the cosmos, Beach House’s just-released music video for their 2012 song Wishes was directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric and stars Ray Wise (a.k.a. Leland Palmer of Twin Peaks), so you already know it’s gonna be weird. Add creepy horse masks, some gender-bending lip-synch, spirit fingers circa Bring It On, sweet Samurai moves, and plenty of jiggling cheerleader thighs, and you have a work of sheer bizarre genius.

Come to think of it, Wishes did always strike me as a very David Lynch-y sounding song. This was meant to be. Thank you, Eric Wareheim. You’re welcome, internet.