Free Essam!
Silent Auction and Event

March 7, 2013 | ANIMAL

Next week, we’re throwing an event to help keep Essam out of jail! Remember Essam? He’s the artist who got the NYPD all worked up when he started posting signs critical of drones all around New York City.

ANIMAL presents Free ESSAM! There will be live music and an open bar. Hosted by rock photographer Clay Patrick McBride, silent auction items include original work from ESSAM’s Drone Campaign as well as works by an exceptional group of New York artists.

Attendance is limited so please RSVP with an email to rsvp@animalnewyork.com. MARCH 14th.  7-11PM. (Auction 7-9PM). ANIMALNewYork at 595 11th Avenue.

 On the morning of November 28th, ESSAM was arrested in his home after being pursued for nearly a year by the NYPD for making provocative street art commenting on the domestic and international use of drone aircraft (UAV’s) by the United States and its police departments. The work has been featured in the New Yorker, ANIMAL, Complex magazine, Portland Press Herald, and countless other periodicals, as well as on CNN, Fox Business, and Russia Today.

Currently ESSAM faces a litany of charges seemingly designed to quell his first amendment right to speak freely.

All proceeds and donations from the fundraiser will be used to cover legal fees, fines, and whatever else it takes to keep ESSAM from going to jail for his art.

Artists: ESSAM / Clay Patrick McBride / Dan Witz / Peter Max / Tanyth Berkeley / Scott Avett / Charles Lahti / GILF / EWOK / Patrick Waldo / Jaron Berman / QRST / STASH / SERVO / Army of One / Adam Dare / Jay Shells / AM / Matt Trumino / Hellbent / Kyle Goen / LNY / NARDOZ / JJ Veronis / Alex Haldi

Musicians: Ben Morgan / Danny Musengo / California King / Motherwell Johnson​ / Ludlow Thieves