Gucci’s New Eco Leather Handbags Tell You All About Your Dead Cow

March 7, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Gucci is taking the notion of “conscientious consumerism” to another level with their new Eco Leather handbag line: each one includes a “passport” chronicling the life of the cow from which the leather was made. Because who doesn’t want to know all the details about the birth, life, and death of the animal whose carcass they’re using to tote around their wallet and makeup? Does it include Bessie’s favorite pastimes and photos of her grazing with her childhood cattle BFFs? Hmm…

No, but seriously, it’s really great that Gucci has partnered with/is donating to the National Wildlife Federation, and that they only manufacture leather using ethically treated cattle raised on Rainforest-Alliance-certified ranches. Learning all those endearing details about your dead-cow-turned-accessory really alleviates the whole guilt factor. A bit. Or not. Or maybe. Something.