Photoshopped NASA Images
Are Amusing

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks… No, wait, thousands of years before that, the Babylonians would gaze at the night sky and name constellations based on mythological figures they vaguely envisioned in the stars. Some of those very old school names┬áremain relevant.

And now, there’s Photoshop, so British illustrator Chris Keegan does the imagining for you with his recent series of altered images from NASA’s Chandra- X-Ray Observatory.┬áSit back, relax, and enjoy his celestial hallucinations. From the projectile-vomiting “Seal” to the “Phantom” that actually looks like a Grey alien, we can at least say that this is a very creative use of Photoshop, though it’s hard to make NASA photos more awesome than they already are.