How to Make a
20-Second Vine!
(And Yes, We Sold a Vine)

March 12, 2013 | Marina Galperina

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Vine, adapting the nifty 6-second video sharing social media app for various creative mischief — with it can do and with what it supposedly can’t. And no, we didn’t ask permission. We made a 20-second Vine! And you can too! Just watch our instructional video below…

Vine can’t keep us from uploading using the hack, but they can take it down. Which they did. But here’s proof:

When Vine rated itself NC-17, ANIMAL retaliated with an unauthorized #VeryShortFilmFest, challenging artists and amateur pornographers to send is their 6-second arty porn/porny art and creating the first-ever, interactive “Wall of Vines.” The artists were amazing… Last weekend, in a special curated project with Postmasters Gallery — The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold! (#SVAES) — yours truly Marina Galperina and Kyle Chayka made the world’s first art sale of a Vine at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair. Here’s an article on the Guardian about it.

Later today, we will give the collector a chance to be the first to put the art-Vine online…

In order to facilitate the sale of the Vine, our friend Jordan Smilovic from BrooklynWebDevelopers.com figured out a way to Vine-it-later. It’s all very simple. We happened to have a jailbroken phone — which is not illegal — and used iFile to swap a temporary processing Vine file with a prepared video file in the camera roll. The prepared file can either be made in Vine or elsewhere — so it can be any length… even 20 seconds! — as long as it ends up in the iPhone’s camera roll as an .mp4 video file. Vine can’t really stop you from doing this yet, but it does monitor irregular upload streams. A tip from net artist Anthony Antonellis — make sure it’s in mono, not stereo. Switcheroo!

Here’s how we did it.

(Camera: Aymann Ismail, Edit: Marina Galperina, On Camera: Allison Bagg, Music: Holy Rattlesnakes)