Hack Your Campus Wi-Fi, Redirect All Users to Meatspin

March 12, 2013 | Andy Cush

On March 1st, Florida State University Panama City student Benjamin Blouin trolled his entire campus by hacking into the school’s wi-fi, then redirecting users from the school’s homepage to time-worn shock/porn site Meatspin.com. He was arrested by campus cops and charged with “offenses against computer users,” a felony. Apparently, Blouin pulled the prank in order to illustrate a flaw in the network’s security, which allowed for anyone to log on without a password. And it worked–the administration has since tightened up security. “That’s how it should be,” the 26-year-old hacker said. “That’s how it is on every campus.”

Incidentally, the Meatspin domain name expired just days after the hack, and is now parked and pending renewal.