More Clashes with Cops at Third Kimani Gray Vigil

March 14, 2013 | Andy Cush

Last night in East Flatbush, about 200 people attended a candlelight vigil for Kimani Gray, the 16-year-old shot and killed by police Saturday after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at two officers. When half that group marched to the 67th Precinct Stationhouse to protest, the proceedings once again became chaotic and violent, with 45 people arrested–including Gray’s sister, Mahnefah–and one protestor allegedly hitting a cop in the face with a brick. It was the third straight night of vigils and protests for the teenager.

An autopsy yesterday revealed that Gray had been shot seven times, including three times from the rear. Though the autopsy did not determine the order in which the bullets struck Gray, a police source told the Post it meant “he was facing them when he pointed the gun.”

Frank Graham, father of Remarley Graham, the 18-year-old who was killed by police inside his own home last summer, attended the vigil. “Why is it only black kids being killed? They don’t do this on 86th Street,” he said. “When will it stop? How long are they going to kill kids?”