Vacuum Sealed James Franco With Bushwick Cookies and Anchovies

March 14, 2013 | Marina Galperina

This seems like a very good time to buy vacuum sealed JAMES FRANCO man of the world cover with all BUSHWICK foods including homemade chocolate chip cookies and local anchoviesIt’s a ready-made and it’s only $75. 

Artist Brad Troemel started selling sculptural objects on his BSTJ Etsy store as a project for group blog The Jogging awhile ago, but yeah, Spring Breakers, so yeah. This one’s brand new. It’s Franco-fresh.

Not all objects are vacuum-sealed, but I love that aesthetic, this synesthesia in plastic bundling. The “product” fetish. Clean. Poetic. Precise.

Here are a few other favorites.

vacuum sealed BLACKHEART BEAUTY teal temporary hair color
(hot topic) on back of January issue of FRIEZE

Phunky little splash of color makes for much fun.

 vacuum sealed HUNTER and COOK with Green Flowers and IPOD Mini
(Item available to Canadians only) Broken Social Scene Fan Club 

Heard the new Destroyer album?

vacuum sealed arena HOMME magazine with 6 inch SUBWAY MEATBALL sandwich
and promiscuous penetrating rose (living at the edge or move over)

Aw it’s so perfect today!

vacuum sealed DORITOSLOCOS taco MASTER LOCKED shut (Key Sold Separately)
Highly Significant (Consider The Consequences of Tardiness)

Not organic, sorry! This item creature is of may respects and will bring value to your immediate collecting interest. NBA Sammy Sosa athletic prowess don’t forget. Extremely careful lifestyle educated passion The Arts will be included provided. Authenticity Certificate for all, thank you for large interests today forever