The MTA to Release More Bus-Tracking Capabilities So Less People Are Waiting at Their Stop Like Dumb Idiots

March 14, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Do you use the bus system? Do you feel like a total dumbass at your stop waiting for a bus that seems like it’ll never show up, even though it’s only a couple minutes before the scheduled arrival time which is entirely dependent on the consistency of bus drivers? Then you start worrying, “Maybe it crashed,” and fret about how you’re getting to work while ignoring the hypothetical horror of people dying on the bus that was supposed to get you to your job, and then five minutes after that whole thought process, the bus shows up?

The MTA hopes to reduce the frequency of that occurence with their expansion of “Bus Time,” a service that allows commuters to track their desired bus’s location in real time through the internet. Already available in Staten Island and the Bronx, “Bus Time” will spread to Manhattan later this year, and eventually Brooklyn and Queens. The process is slated to be complete by April 2014.


(Photo: Susan Tryforos/Flickr)