Help These Students Paint a Pi Mural in Brooklyn, Just in Time for 3.14

March 14, 2013 | Andy Cush

How are we expected to celebrate Pi day when there’s not even a Google doodle to mark the occasion? There’s this Kickstarter, for one, where an artist and a faculty member from Williamsburg’s Green School are hoping to raise money for their students to paint a mathematical mural celebrating the famous figure. Painter Ellie Balk and math teacher Nathan Affield have been at this before: in 2012, the pair helped students paint this vibrant weather-themed mural at Moore and Graham in East Williamsburg.

This time around, they’re putting a colorful Fibonacci spiral (which has to do with Pi somehow–right, math people?) on Boerum and Graham, hoping to raise $4,300 for “ordering and organizing materials, priming the wall, 84+ hours of teaching, mentoring and painting with the students.”