Call (347) 201-2446 and Say You’re Sorry

March 18, 2013 | Andy Cush

In 1980, artist Allan Bridge cerated the Apology Line: a phone number and answering machine on which troubled New Yorkers who aren’t into the whole Catholicism thing could leave messages confessing their sins and other transgressions. Now, someone taking inspiration from Bridge has created his own Apology Line, posting fliers around Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. The number is (347) 201-2446 if you’re feeling guilty (Mr. Apology encourages you to use the anonymity-guaranteeing number blocker *67 before you call).

Eventually, the artist will make the recordings available to the public, though he doesn’t yet know how he’ll do so. In an anonymous interview with the NYP, Mr. Apology gave a few examples of the messages he’s received. Here’s one:

I would like to apologize to my ex-fianceé for leaving the apartment whenever we got into an argument. For staying in the relationship longer than I should have. For threatening to leave the relationship unless she sought professional help. For. . . looking at pornographic material while laying in bed next to her, secretly on my phone. For lying about looking at pornography . . . For not being willing to work on the relationship unless it was on my terms.I also want to apologize to my cousin for leaving her alone in a strange bar while I and a friend went to get stoned.

(Top photo: Spud Murphy/Wikimedia Commons, bottom photo: Dtimas Park Corner)