Naked Human Bodies Flopping Around in Glorious 2000fps

March 22, 2013 | Andy Cush

The above video starts with promise: a woman’s naked body sits in the center of the frame, appearing to slowly morph (NSFW, dummy). Her hair shoots into the air, her skin sags then tightens, she begins to lean forward at the waist. Is she aging before our eyes? Filmmaker Michael Haussman achieved the effect by having people bounce up and down (on trampolines?), filming at a ridiculously high frame rate, and syncing the camera to movement so that the bodies don’t appear to be moving.

From that beautiful first shot, however, the video starts to lose focus. Bodies double, a man holds his child, an ominous bit of sky appears, the string soundtrack gets more and more dissonant. Things get real portentous real quick.

And most offensively, after two fully nude women, we get a man wearing underwear. When a naked man finally appears, his belly is so big it renders his penis invisible. Where are all the dicks? Do I have to try to find them on Rando?