Ryoji Ikeda’s Quantum Mechanics-Inspired New Live Video Installation

March 22, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Ryoji Ikeda’s newest stunning project superposition combines his classic hypnotic, pulsating, pure data visualisations with a live, interactive element. Watch as “operators” interrupt his scrolling code and calibrating sine waves with projections of them live-punch-filling vintage forms, surveying heat maps of mysterious geology and solving crossword puzzles.

superposition is a project about the way we understand the reality of nature on an atomic scale and is inspired by the mathematical notions of quantum mechanics. Performers will appear in his piece for the first time, performing as operator/conductor/observer/examiners. All the components on stage will be in a state of superposition; sound, visuals, physical phenomena, mathematical concepts, human behaviour and randomness – these will be constantly orchestrated and de-orchestrated simultaneously in a single performance piece.

Understanding of Something Large and Incomprehensible begins to fill you at the end, but who knows if any of this even means anything. Pingpingpingpingping, skrrrrrrrping. Ahh.