You Climbed the Egyptian Pyramids, Cool Story Bro

March 28, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Oh, wow, that’s so cool man how you and your buds climbed those famous pyramids in Egypt and took some photos and Gawker’s like waaaahhh. Tell me about it in Russian. “One of the richest experiences of my life.” Was it now? How you climbed 450 feet upon extremely old and fragile architecture and how you had to hide out in a tomb for five hours so the guards don’t get you?

ANIMAL’s resident Egyptian says they shoot you on sight, bb.

But yeah. Nice jobs, all of you. Oh, and there was writing on the top of the pyramid in the stone in Arabic but also in French and in Russian and even Nikolai II signed it, you say? So it’s not bad you’re possibly damaging other people’s historical relics, you imply?

Alright. We used amazing Overlayer from OKFocus that we love and we made you this filter and also this one so you can put your head into it and take a photo “on top of the pyramids.”

Ok, these are not our best work. (Hence we tested it on interns). But art takes time. Kind of like building those pyramids you were stomping on for internet fame.