Harlem Coffee Shop Supports Marriage Equality, Starts Yelp War

March 28, 2013 | Andy Cush

Harlem’s Chipped Cup coffee house proudly displayed the above sandwich board yesterday, signaling their support for marriage equality in the face of the Supreme Court’s hearings on DOMA this week (just like Willie Nelson did).When they posted a photo of the sign to Facebook, one former patron got all upset, telling the cafe’s owners to “GO FUCK” themselves, posting negative reviews on Yelp, and tweeting some ignorant shit on Twitter.

The internet responded with some vigilante justice of the first order. The entire exchange was put on Reddit, positive reviews began flooding in on Yelp— “They discriminate against bigots though, so if you’re an asshole, don’t come here,” went one–and people are still challenging the woman on Twitter (@dahlhalla, if you’re interested).

The owners don’t seem fazed. As Grub Street points out, the “offending” sign is still on display today.