McCarren Park May Be Getting Bigger Soon

April 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

Williamsburg may be the lucky recipient of more public green space, as the city plans to convert a block of Union Avenue to expand McCarren Park. The stretch sits between the pool and a small, triangular section of the park, and would large enough to house seven basketball courts–at the cost of the block’s 34 parking spots.

As one might imagine, parks advocates and the neighborhood’s drivers stand at odds on the issue. “The idea is to add to the open space,” said director of parkland Colleen Alderson, adding, “We want to proceed with this so that we can add to the resources of the community.”

But Community Board 1 member Lisa Bamonte disagrees. “There is no sufficient supply of parking around there,” she said. “You have to drive around for 45 minutes as it is.”

(Photo: Kai Brinker/Flickr)