That’s a Good Glitched-Out Open Source-Based Hacked Kinect
Music Video

April 1, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Bursts of glitches. Clusters of points. Metal, baby. Check out the new video from the Unstoppable Death Machines for “Trial and Error” directed by Scott Cramer.

“We used a Kinect with DSLR and RGBD open source software, along with data glitch art,” Mike Tucci tells ANIMAL. “It’s completely digital in its creation, unlike our last video.

The open source software was created by James George and Jonathan Minard for their experimental new media documentary CLOUDS. Oh, and Jonathan just happened to be walking past my table at a coffee shop when the band emailed me this video.

“It’s got verve. Very energetic,” he said.

All hail open source!