Adorable Bumper Stickers
for Your Drone

April 2, 2013 | Andy Cush

For the last installment in his drone art series, Rajeev Basu gives us SLAPADRONE, a series of whimsical bumper stickers to stick on the back of the old family UAV.  The series–which includes Drones of New York and the customizable Mr. Drones projects as well) lampoons and raises awareness that commercial drone use becomes legal in the U.S. in 2015. Basu calls SLAPADRONE the “darkest” of all his drone pieces.

“For me it’s just taking a slightly different approach to explore the future of drones,” he told ANIMAL via email. “[It’s a] juxtaposition with what’s usually a fun and playful medium–stickers–with the uncertainty of what a future of drones holds.”

The bumper stickers give “subversive and wry takes on the copy-lines normally reserved for car bumper stickers, meets the playful and colourful world of sticker art,” he added. “It’s a deliberate clash.”

I wish I could get one of those dumb stick figure families with a drone flying over them, though.