Super “Nonreproducible” Painting for Sale on Craigslist

April 2, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

If you’ve spent any real time on Craiglist you know that it’s mostly just a place to get rid of last year’s Ikea furniture. Occasionally you find something so silly, so poorly written, and so ridiculous that you have to tell someone.

Someone is selling a painting on Craigslist for $45,000. Perhaps the only thing more ridiculous than the painting, is this description:

Welcome, I am one of the artists that created 2nd Generation, Metamorphic Art. This new form and style of art was shown at The Springfield Museum in Springfield, Oregon in April 2011. This art is created from art that was painted on windows then recaptured and created into a new piece of art. You can see in the photos, the seasonal art is enjoyed, then recaptured and created into a new creation. This 16″x 20″ abstract.is just one form of the different styles that have been created by my husband and myself. The unique texture of work makes the pieces one of a kind and nonreproducible. Hopefully, you’ll take this opportunity to invest in this rare art. THANK YOU

While I may not personally be a fan of “second generation metamorphic art,” perhaps you are, the painting can be purchased here.